Reading SOL Test Prep — Grades 3-8

Starting in February of each school year Keystone offers their SOL test prep program in reading for grades 3-8. In our program students have the chance to experience rotations of guided and independent practice, increasing their knowledge and confidence. With our very own concept tracker we are also able to pinpoint student’s strengths and weaknesses for immediate feedback. Our program is designed to reduce the stress and anxiety commonly associated with high-stakes testing.

SOL Test Prep Testimonials

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“We are extremely happy with the results Keystone delivered. She scored extremely high on her SOLs and final exams (which was a nice plus!). Keystone prepared her for the test in a way that helped her feel comfortable and know what to expect–it gave her a real sense of confidence and we couldn’t be happier with the final results. They also helped by working out a payment plan that fit our budget perfectly and were very flexible with scheduling. Allison and Joe were great and we highly recommend Keystone for your extra education needs”

– Yolanda W.