Fine Motor Skills Explained

In this video we will explain fine motor skills…

2014-2015 VB Public Schools Model Partnership Award

The partnership between Landstown High School and Keystone Education Services may have only been growing for a year and a half, but they have been able to accomplish many goals together. Because of the amazing staff at this locally-owned business, students are benefiting from many different types of academic support such as preparation for SOL testing, elementary tutoring, SAT Prep; in addition to being exposed to unique service learning opportunities. The staff at Keystone have also stepped in to be speakers for VTfT (Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow) classes and other marketing/business classes. They also speak to the students about resume writing, interview skills and professionalism in the field of education.

“The students enjoyed having director Allison Christine in class and especially appreciated the very practical and real-world insight she provided for them,” said Landstown teacher Krissy Sanderlin.

The staff at Keystone have also had the opportunity to collaborate with students in the school’s DECA and marketing programs for two community service projects – the DECA group puts on an annual fashion show and the classic Landstown High School charity powder puff football game. In both instances, students had to develop event and marketing campaigns along with a service component to raise awareness about and benefit the local non-profit organization ForKids. This is an organization Keystone works with on a regular basis to help stop the cycle of homelessness and poverty in children and their families. This work inspired many to continue to “pay it forward” long after the shows were over and it highlighted the importance of social responsibility among students.

Resulting from the partnership between Keystone Education Services and Landstown High School, students have access to various additional resources, are learning how to collaborate with professionals in the community, are using critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and are becoming more socially responsible. This is the type of partnership we are proud of, when we see our students on the right path to future success.

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